A successful investment portfolio would not be possible without a thorough understanding of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.  At Indigo Capital Management we ensure that not only do we understand the ESG implications for our own portfolio but also actively engage with our portfolio companies on this topic.  This is an essential pillar to support our core competency of deep fundamental analysis.

For companies that are wondering what the current wave of ESG will mean for them but are not ready to hire an independent director, we will occasionally offer a one-off consulting service on a case-by-case basis.  Services range from traditional ESG analysis or primers in corporate governance to specific financial analysis and stress-tests for both entire companies and individual business lines. 

Due to the diverse nature of our portfolio, we are always looking for ways to create synergies between our investments.  In recent years we have had an increasing number of requests to assist with both qualitative and quantitative evaluation of subsidiaries and business lines (new or old.)  Where appropriate this can include M&A advisory both at the time of the transaction and in post-deal integration.  Our specialty for cultural integration advice is in the Asian region where we believe a deep understanding of both language, corporate customs and broader culture can make the difference to guarantee a successful outcome.