Indigo Capital Management has a broad mandate to invest across the entire capital structure where we believe there is a discrepancy between market value and intrinsic value.  We are opportunistic across geographies in order to find the best instruments to realize our investment thesis.  In this day and age of ETFs and robo-investing we believe that the only way to guarantee consistent, long-term returns is through original research that identifies idiosyncratic opportunities that other market players have failed to recognize. 

While we see ourselves as value driven investors, this is a metaphor for our insistence on an in-depth fundamental analysis to understand both existing and future cashflows rather than a reference to the traditional style of Benjamin Graham and others.  

In today’s world of constant focus on monthly or even daily returns by many investors, we believe that there is an exciting niche for investors who are willing to take a step back and invest for the longer term.  For this reason, we feel that an understanding and respect of management strategy is essential.  We look at our investment as a collaboration with management and hope to find investment opportunities that we can pursue for several years.